endless rolling meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "endless rolling" in a sentence
  • 无头轧制
  • endless:    adj. 1.无尽的,无限的,无边的 ...
  • rolling:    adj. 1.旋转的;滚动的;波动的 ...
  • and endless:    西田大辅


  1. It was not easy designing a radar system able to pick out a submarine peniscope from aimd the endless rolling wave father .
  2. This paper introduces the endless rolling equipment of bar factory in tangshan , and the mathematical model of controlled object is set up
  3. It studies the principles of different control algorithm in detail , and designs several kinds of controllers compatible to multi - drive system of endless rolling
  4. Combining with the trait of technology and equipment , endless rolling control equipment with international level is developed at last , which fills up the blank field of endless rolling equipment and technique in china
  5. The endless rolling equipment of tangshan iron and steel company introduced from danieli company italy possesses international standard . according to the concrete requirement of different products , this paper studies the key control technologies and design characteristics , analyzes running condition of different control strategies in system

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