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  1. The irish poor law of 1838 , the enclosure movement of land , and finally crops and brought incalculable misery and starvation to millions , combined to increase emigration
    1838年的贫困法,圈地运动,还有最后, 19世纪40年代末,因害虫毁灭了土豆使数百万人承受无法计算的痛苦与饥饿的大饥荒, (所有这些)结合在一起增加了移民
  2. Next , this chapter sets to analyze the farmers in this stage with the examples of “ sheep devour men ” in english enclosure movement and the “ farmers ’ termination ” in france , we are going to find an answer to the question : “ who are the ‘ farmers ’ now ? ” finally , the farmers ’ income in the transformational period will be discussed
    其次,分析转型期的农民,以英国“羊吃人”的圈地运动和法国“农民的终结”为例,进而回答今天,谁是“农民” 。

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