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  • 发生期
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  1. As far as the construction ofschoo1 system is concemed , it has been undertaken on the basis of practical 6xp1oration and theoretical discussion for the first time in the ' emergence period of eariy modernization of chinese education
  2. On the basis of the analysis on the yangtze vole ' s disaster history and condition in dongting lake area , the influence of the lake beach ' s environmental evolution on the vole disaster is studicd in this paper . the rise of low - middle - level beach area causes the vole ' s population explosion , the reduction of high - level beach area forces the voles into the farmland during the flood season , and the emergence period ' s continual increase extends the vole ' s habitat areas and forces them to migrate into the farmland . the discarded dike provides a rest place halfway for the voles , which escape the flood , and the natural enemies of the voles , which are a natural barrier against the vole ' s population expansion , decreases . according to this study , the conclusions are put for ward as follows : after three - gorge project ' s construction it will produce great influences on the beach evolution in dongting lake area , leading to the changes of the vole ' s ecological environment situation and resulting in the vole ' s population changes which deserves attention

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