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  1. Estate management advisory committee team emac team
  2. Estate management advisory committee emac
  3. Electroacoustic music studies network ( ems ) - international conference series in a special cooperation with electoracoustic music association of china ( emac ) during the musicacoustica 2006 festival in beijing in october 23 29
    国际电子音乐研究协会( ems ) 2006年的年会将与中国电子音乐学会( emac )合作在北京隆重召开。
  4. The 32 - bit cpu core with enhanced multiply accumulate emac unit provides optimum performance and code density for the combination of control code and signal processing required for mp3 decode , file management , and system control . fs2401clqn is a single - chip mp3 audio decoder
    当用户端的pc与存储媒介之间透过usb 2 . 0介面做资料交换时,因仅需要cpu最低程度的参与,而大多是以硬体处理方式,所以可以达到高速传输的目的。
  5. Through a typology of tools in project acceleration , the thesis introduces two different approaches to deal with the lack of instruments in this special case which are , to wit : an optimization approach with respect to the identity adherence of the resources , the multi - objective linear programming in whole numbers ( molip ) ; a heuristic approach with respect to the identity adherence of the resources , and the exploration modified approach by cut ( emac )
    本文通过对加速工程施工方面的实用工具的探索,介绍了处理这类特殊情况时使用的两种方法。它们是:关于资源一致性的最优化方法,多目标线性规划( molip )关于资源一致性的启发方法,截断修正法( emac )这两种方法考虑了不同类型资源的稀缺性,并且不会影响工程的完工。

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