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  • 偏振光椭圆计
  • 偏振光椭圆率测量仪
  • 椭率计
  • 椭圆率计
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  1. Mathcad applied to testing of the optical constants for thin films with ellipsometer
  2. The thickness , extinction and reflection coefficients of the plct ( x ) thin films with variant layers were measured by ellipsometer
  3. The refractive index ( at 632 . 8nm ) of cbn thin film with 92 . 8 % cubic phase content is measured to be2 . 19 by ellipsometer
    用椭偏仪测得,对于波长为632 . 8nm的光,立方相含量为92 . 8的氮化硼薄膜的折射率为2 . 19 。
  4. The microstructures of the c60 films were studied with scanning electric microscope ( sem ) ; and the optical constants ( including absorption spectrunu refractive index and dielectric function ) of c60 films were measured with the ellipsometer
  5. Sem was used to observe the surface and the cross section of the films . index of refractive was derived from the ellipsometer . raman spectroscopy and xps were used to analyze the structure and composition of the films
    用sem分析了薄膜的断面形态,在椭偏仪上测得其折射率,并对薄膜进行了raman光谱、 xps分析,在没有极化的条件下进行了二阶非线性maker条纹检测。

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