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  1. However , when both temperature gradient and compressive stress exist , the interaction between mechano - electric effect and seebeck effect is obvious . so methods are suggested to remove the coupling effect . similarly , electromechanical effect of cfrc can affect electrothermal effect and vice versa
  2. In the dissertation , the study on carbon fiber reinforced concrete ( cfrc ) and plain concrete has been reviewed . then mechano - electric effect of cfrc and plain concrete , its mechanisms , the interaction among mechano - electric effect , piezoresistivity and seebeck effect , the electrical circuit model of concrete based on mechano - electric effect , electromagnetic emission of concrete , the mathematical model of mechano - electric effect are investigated . also the converse effect of mechano - electric effect of cfrc and plain concrete , that is , electromechanical effect , and the interaction between electromechanical effect and electrothermal effect of cfrc are examined

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