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  • 电针刺
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  1. Twenty - one patients with anuresis treated by electro acupuncture on zuwuli point
  2. Fifty - two patients with primary sciatica treated by electro acupuncture on huantiao point
  3. The lon the electro acupuncture serum and compand dan shen injection ' s effect on the mesenchymal stem cells differentiation
  4. Similar machines , such as quantum , meridian regulatory acupuncture , the life field transmitor , and the electro acupuncture of dr . voll machine eav , a device for measuring the conductance of acupuncture meridians , are also available in several developed countries
    在其他先进国家,也有类似的机器,例如:量子quantum经脉调整针疗法mra生命磁场分析仪lft voll博士的经脉电疗仪器eav等。

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