electro acoustics meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "electro acoustics" in a sentence
  • 电声学
  • electro:    n. (pl. electros) ...
  • acoustics:    n. 1.〔用作 sing.〕声学。 ...
  • electro-:    comb.f. 表示“电”,“电的” ...
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  1. Internet phone electro acoustic test set
  2. Mechenical interface between communication electro acoustic device and equipment
  3. In the recent years , with the development of such technologies as computer and digital signal processing , transaural technology based on system of kemar grows ; it has a broad future on the domain of electro acoustics , indoor - acoustics , yawp - acoustics , psychoacoustics , computer multimedia and manual virtual environment , which has expanded the scope of the system of kemar

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