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  1. In the edxrf , the stability of the spectrum has notable affection on the accuracy of measurements
  2. The designed edxrf has the function of automatic spectrum stability , which can reduce or even eliminate the affection of spectrum drift upon measurement result
  3. Cheap edxrf ' s detector has one 3 - 5 year life , whose sensitivity will be down as the time pass ; high performance detector has 10 - 15years working time
    低端的edxrf的检测器寿命会随着时间的使用寿命缩短,灵敏度下降,寿命在3 - 5年;高端的检测器寿命在10 - 15年以上。
  4. Cheap edxrf generally apply cheaper x ray tube , whose lifetime just thousands of hours ; high performance edxrf ' s lifetime reach up to 10 years
    低端品牌厂商的edxrf采用廉价的x光管,寿命在几千小时而已;高端的可以使用10年以上(如同家庭使用的荧光灯管或者彩电的显像管寿命) 。

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