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  1. Surface composition analysis method of gold - plated products by edx
  2. Fe - sem , edx and xrd indicated that the low - dimensional nanomaterials were wurtzite gan
    Fe - sem , edx和xrd表明三种低维纳米结构均为纤维锌矿gan 。
  3. Sem , tem , edx , and xps measurements were used to characterize the composition , morphology and structures of the nanowires
    利用sem 、 tem 、 edx及xps等测试手段,对样品的成分和结构进行了深入的分析。
  4. Function s arguments are passed in registers for x86 processors , ecx and edx , and the rest are pushed onto the stack from right to left
    函数的一些参数传入寄存器(对于x86处理器,为ecx和edx ) ,而其余的参数按从右向左的顺序入栈。
  5. The procedure of direct - nitridation in nitrogen and the growth mechanism are analyzed . in the end the direct - nitridation of silicon dioxides in nitrogen is investigated with edx and optical microscopy

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