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  • 边缘算子 将图像中边缘像素标记出来的一种邻域算子。
  • edge:    n. 1.刀口,(刀)刃;锋;端;锐 ...
  • operator:    n. 1.操作者,机务员;司机,驾驶 ...
  • gradient edge operator:    梯度边界算子
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  1. Applying prewitt edge operator advanced to license plate locating
  2. Edges are created when two nodes are joined together by the edge operator
  3. In this part , a new edge operator - sine operator is presented
    本论文提出了一种全新的边缘检测算子? ?正弦算子。
  4. The contour of the flame colors area is extracted using an edge operator
  5. The theoretic results and experimental results demonstrate that the sine operator is an excellent edge operator

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