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  • 边缘忧先
  • 仅边缘
  • 只有边缘
  • edge:    n. 1.刀口,(刀)刃;锋;端;锐 ...
  • only:    adj. 1.唯一的。 2.无比的, ...
  • if and only if:    逻辑双条件; 若且唯若当且仅当; 若 ...
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  1. Consider the random subgraph of t containing the vertex set z and the open edges only . the connected components of this graph are called open cluter . usually , we write it in the short term c . some people say that " percolation occurs ' when there exists an infinite open cluster
    在树t中,用开路互相连通的点形成一个开串( cluster ) ,我们记| c |为包含原点o的开串c中的点的个数,若事件{ | c | = o }发生,我们就说渗流发生。

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