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1.electron device 电子器件[装置]。
2.erection deficiency【医学】阳萎,勃起困难。
  • -ed:     1.用以形成规则动词的过去式及过去 ...
  • a ed cotton:    剥桃棉
  • bad ed:    战争中死掉
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  1. No one really doubt ed its truth and yet it lacked the compelling quality of the other axioms .
  2. Ed , there ' s 300 very angry san diego - ites
    埃德,有300个火冒三丈的圣地亚哥… …
  3. Why are you bringing this up now ? i iove ed
  4. She was ~ ed the first woman priest of her church
  5. Ed : excuse me . is this the transit counter

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