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  • 经济植物
  • economic:    adj. 1.经济学的;经济(上)的 ...
  • plant:    n. 1.植物,草木 (opp. a ...
  • plants:    花草; 墨绿; 植物
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  1. Studies on the wild economic plant resources and its utilization in tianshui
  2. Since its born , it has been propagated in over 650 species of economic plants
  3. High efficientive culture techniques of economic plant platycodon grandiflorum a . dc
  4. O . kutze ] is one of the most important economic plants in china , aroma is one of the keys index of weighing the quality of tea
  5. Cotton is one kind of economic plants which have much higher commercialized rate , and the impact and shock on it will be much greater than other crops

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