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[ i:tʃ ] Pronunciation:   "each" in a sentence   "each" meaning
各,各自的,每。 each man 各人。 each side of the river 河的两边。pron.
每,各,各自。 E- (of us) has his likes and dislikes. 各有各的好恶。 We each know what the other wants. 我们彼此都知道各自的要求。 From each according to his ability and to each according to his work [ne+More...
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  1. The earth completes one revolution each day .
  2. You have nothing to say to each other .
  3. Each party shall consist of not less than ten .
  4. Each one should take care of his strength .
  5. Mr. franklin and i looked at each other .

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