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  • 电子束蒸发
  • e:     E,e (pl. E's ...
  • beam:    n. 1.梁,栋梁,桁条;(船的)横 ...
  • evaporation:    n. 1.蒸发(作用),发散,升华沉 ...


  1. Internal field generated by contact potential of gate electrode and substrate is considered to be responsible for the enhancement of c - v hysteresis . we first incorporate e - beam evaporation of hf with post thermal oxidation to fabricate hfo2 for the application of gate dielectrics
    硅化物主要是由沉积过微溯博士裕文搏要程中hf和出的互扩散引起的,而热氧化可以将其转化成具有较高介电常数的硅氧化物hfxsiyo 。
  2. At last , the designed hr phase retardance films are produced by use of the e - beam evaporation equipment , then the phase retardance and the reflection of it are measured by lambda 900 spectrophotometer and the type of m - 2000ui ellipsometer . and the error of hr phase retardance film is analyzed
    在此膜系的基础上,通过对最外面几层薄膜厚度的优化设计,最终设计出了45入射、对632 . 8nm和1315nm双波长高反,并在1315nm处有180和90位相延迟的高反射膜系。

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