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  • e:     E,e (pl. E's ...
  • o:    int. 〔常用大写字母〕哦! 哟! ...
  • a ostra e o vento:    赤裸迷情
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  1. At the end of the paper , some concrete managerial suggestion was put forward about how to construct a fa
    论文的结尾部分提出了针对每一种e o关系,管理者应该采取什么样的管理措施,以及组织建立理想型e o关系的具体步骤。
  2. In this thesis , focus is on dealing with several essential technical issues during implementing customization marketing system in household appliances companies . the results of the research could h opefully b e o f g reat u se to s uch companies , e specially the refrigerator companies

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