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  • 染色液法
  • dye:    vt. 染,染上,把…染色,给…着色 ...
  • method:    n. 1.方法,方式;顺序。 2.( ...
  • azo dye method:    偶氮染色法
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  1. Determination of the degree of crosslinkage for resin - finished fabrics . dyeing method
  2. The most basic dyeing method , it began with the use of plant products to dye cloth
  3. Using the dyeing method , the surface area of xi ' an loess particles is firstly determined ; the result is clay particles have a huge specific surface area
  4. Furthermore , the effects of chitosan concentration , amount of chitosan coated on veneer and different dyeing methods on the color fastness of dyed veneer are discussed in detail
  5. The natural dye sorghum red was extracted from sorghum and tested for dyeing cotton by orthogonal and single - factor expts . with direct , pre - mordant and post - mordant dyeing methods

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