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  • 双栅的
  • dual:    adj. 二的;二重的;二体的;二元 ...
  • grid:    n. 1.格子,格栅。 2.(蓄电池 ...
  • dual grid power tube:    双栅功率管


  1. Dual grid is another spatial expression approach based on discrete geometry
  2. Different from realms , dual grid adopts finite precision rational coordinate system , which can express intersection points exactly . therefore , the complexity of spatial redrawing can be avoided , and spatial management subsystem can be implemented easily
  3. The underlayer spatial database of stadbsii is based on realms and supports dual grid techonology . it can express spatial object discretely and avoid the complexity of spatial redrawing . the underlayer support makes it easier to implement efficient spatio - temporal management and spatio - temporal analysis operations

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