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  • 德雷德
  • 无畏级战舰
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  1. Plainly enough now , the adoption of it would have spoiled the niche for the dred scott decision
  2. One hun dred and ninety - three sub jects were assigned to an exper i men tal and a con trol group
  3. While the opinion of the court , by chief justice taney , in the dred scott case , and the separate opinions of all the concurring judges , expressly declare that the constitution of the united states neither permits congress nor a territorial legislature to exclude slavery from any united states territory , they all omit to declare whether or not the same constitution permits a state , or the people of a state , to exclude it
  4. His second proposition was a crusade against the supreme court of the united states because of the dred scott decision , urging as an especial reason for his opposition to that decision that it deprived the negroes of the rights and benefits of that clausein the constitution of the united states which guarantees to the citizens of each state all the rights , privileges , and immunities of the citizens of the several states

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