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  • dorsal:    n. = dossal.
  • horn:    n. 合恩〔南美洲最南端的一岛名〕。 ...
  • dorsal horn cell:    背角细胞
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  1. They also render dorsal horn neurons less able to respond to pain signals
  2. Ketamine inhibits the excitability induced by formalin in spinal dorsal horn neurons of rats
  3. 3 . peripheral injection of formalin induced increasing fos expression in superficial laminae of the dorsal horn , while the combined subcut
    3 、脚掌注射福尔马林可以引起脊髓背角浅层fos蛋白的表达。
  4. Peripheral injection of formalin into plantar aspect of hindpaw produced both nociceptive behavioral responses and fos expression in the spinal dorsal horn
    上述结果表明: l 、大鼠后脚掌注射福尔马林可以同时引起大鼠的行为痛反应和脊髓背角的fos蛋白表达。
  5. Reporting at first time the long - term potentiation ( ltp ) of c - fiber evoked field potentials in spinal dorsal horn and discovering that activation of spinal nmda , nk1 and nk2 receptors is essential for the induction of the spinal ltp
    C纤维诱发电位的长时程增强( ltp ) 。发现激动nmda 、 nk1和nk2受体是诱导ltp的必要条件;自然痛刺激可引起c纤维诱发电位的ltp ,但在正常情况下受到下行抑制系统的抑制。

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