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[ dəu ] Pronunciation:   "do" in a sentence   "do" meaning
(did done 陈述语气第三人称单数现在式 does )
1.行,为,作,做,办,干;尽(义务等),竭(力),担任,从事。 do one's work 干工作。 do odd jobs 干杂活,打零工。 do business 做买卖。 do washing 洗东西。 Who has done it 这是谁干的? do the host 做主人,当东。 do one's duty 尽义务。 crimes done deliberately 蓄+More...
  • be to do:    侧重打算; 侧重意志; 打算做; 将 ...
  • do by:    对待
  • do for:    对...有效, 代替; 对…有效;照 ...
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  1. I know him , but i do n't frequent him much .
  2. Since i am not crazy, i do not care .
  3. I do not like ruined, tattered cottages .
  4. Do you go to the botanical garden every night ?
  5. Do you wish to turn me into a plutocrat ?

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