do for meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "do for" in a sentence   "do for" meaning
  • 对...有效, 代替
  • 对…有效;照应
  • 可作…用
  • 适用于
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  • do:    n. 【音乐】(全音阶的)第一音, ...
  • be to do:    侧重打算; 侧重意志; 打算做; 将 ...
  • do:     do1 vt. (did ...
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  1. Others would do for the place without doubt .
  2. How shall we do for the great cost ?
  3. He is old enough to do for himself .
  4. Here we are . what can i do for you . ma'am ?
  5. Once you are unemployed , you are done for .

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