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[网络] 核酸为模板
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  1. dna template making and technology system building for aflp analysis of apple genome
  2. because of its low fidelity, over-expressed error prone pol p might introduce mutations on both damaged and un-damaged dna templates by perturbing other polymerases with high fidelity
  3. to investigate the silence effect of hela cells " telomerase gene expression after shrna based on human telomerase htert transfected into cells . methods : we constructed a partial double-strand dna with t7 promoter as dna template and synthesized small hairpinrna in-vitro using t7 rna polymerase
  4. result a total of five primer pairs was designed to cover the whole mtdna control region and the neighbor part . the length of amplicon was from 299 bp to 452bp with different primer pairs . the successful result was obtained even if the dna template was small to 0.015ng
  5. the rapd-pcr conditions were optimized by example experiments of two dna templates from different ecological regions, and 18 of 40 arbitrary decamer nucleotide primers were also screened with good amplication and repetition . the 17 sets of dna fingerprinting patterns were sharply made for 20 basidiocarps tested

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