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  • 需要转业的工人
  • displace:    vt. 1.换置,移置;顶替,取代。 ...
  • worker:    n. 1.工作者;工人,劳动者,职工 ...
  • displaced:    换行攻击; 排代的; 位移的排水的被 ...
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  1. Removing an existing tariff would clearly displace workers in import-competing industries .
  2. It is well known that displaced workers sustain prolonged income losses while trying to find new jobs .
  3. It also helps the employees retraining board with retraining programmes for displaced workers . in 2000 ,
  4. In addition , in - house training programmes are tailor - made for individual manufacturers to help the transfer of technical know - how . it also assists the employees retraining board in delivering retraining programmes for displaced workers . in 1997 ,
  5. The employees retraining scheme focuses on helping displaced workers who have experienced difficulties in finding alternative employment as a result of economic restructuring . it also helps employers to look for the right candidates

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