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  1. A man ' s dismembered body was found buried in salt and stuffed in a metal trunk in a flat in tuen mun yesterday
  2. The police are investigating a homicide case in which parts of a dismembered body were found in tsz wan shan
  3. Police are appealing for information on a murder in which parts of a dismembered body were found in tsz wan shan on august 1 this year
  4. Each chapter deals with a different aspect of ancient egypt , from despotic pharaohs to dismembered bodies , and from hieroglyphs to animal - headed gods
  5. This film belongs to the detective thriller genre with a very typical murder case plot . several garbage bags of dismembered body parts are discovered . an investigation is led by detective cho han seok - kyu
    首先,一看就知,此片属于film noir类型,全片调子灰暗,剧情讲述侦探查案等都是此类电影特色。

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