dismatch meaning in Chinese

[网络] 不能配合;无法谋合
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  1. in the second part, we discuss the binding energy of the impurity in finite gaas / gai . xalxas quantum wire in the first place, in which the dismatch of effective mass and dielectric constant between the well and the barrier is taken into account
  2. in the first part, following ref [ 27 ], the expression of the envelop function is obtained . then, considering the dismatch of effective mass between the well and the barrier, using the variational approach, we calculate the binding energy of hydrogenic impurity
  3. according to the application background and the dismatch between single antenna and differential lna, an active balun is needed and has been designed . then we put forward a design scheme that does co-simulation of an active balun and a differential lna on one chip together . at 2.45ghz, this lna provides a forward gain of 28.931db with a noise figure of 2.485db, while drawing 19.1ma from a 1.8v supply

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