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  1. Gallium arsenide single crystal - determination of dislocation density
  2. There exists a strong correlation between initial surface morphology prior to ht growth and ht gan growth mechanism and eventual threading dislocation density in epilayers
  3. In the relatively high dislocation density areas , dislocations form the relatively small cellular structure and there is few isolated dislocation within each cellular structure . here the profile of c concentration in the dimension of a cellular structure is " u " - shaped . the cell diameter increases as the dislocation density decreases , dislocations form the relatively large cellular structure and there are a few isolated dislocations within each cellular structure
  4. The defect and interface in sapphire and gan were observed by afm . we found that when the dislocation density in sapphire was lower thanl05 / cm2 , the dislocation density in gan was 108 ~ 109 / cm2and not linear with the dislocation in sapphire . the impurity of mo in sapphire and gan was measured by sem xps epma and uvf we found the mo content in sapphire was 10 - 4 , and the mo content in gan was lower than ppm . so it was concluded that low - cost mo crucible is viable
    用扫描电镜( sem ) 、 xps 、电子探针和紫外荧光光谱仪测量了蓝宝石衬底和gan外延层中的mo杂质的含量,发现蓝宝石衬底中含有mo杂质,含量约为10 ~ ( - 4 ) (质量含量) ;而在外延层gan中没有检测到mo杂质,即mo杂质含量小于ppm级。

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