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  • 贴现现金流
  • discount:    n. 1.折扣,让头。 2.【商业】 ...
  • cash:    n. 〔sing., pl. 〕(印 ...
  • flow:    vi. 1.流,流动。 2.(血液等 ...
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  1. Chapter ii presents an analysis of the theoretical model of the discount cash flow ( dcf ) method , and expounds the application of the dcf method in actual practice and the major problems encountered and their solutions
    第二章分析了折现现金流量法( dcf )的理论模型,探讨折现现金流量法在实际当中的应用,遇到的主要问题及其解决办法。
  2. Until now , traditional financial appraising methods that based on historical data are still the mainstream in practice within china . in contrast , because of the uncertainties in parameter choosing and the particularities of chinese markets , the methods of discounted cash flow ( dcf ) still have not entered real applications in china so far , although they kept being the mainstream in enterprise value assessing in the west
    迄今为止,以历史数据为基础的传统财务估价方法仍然是我国实务界的主要评估方法,理论上更为科学的现金流量折现( dcf )方法虽然是西方企业价值评估的主流方法,但是由于其参数选择的不确定性和我国市场的特殊性,在我国,至今尚未进入真正的应用阶段。
  3. ( 2 ) in the part of building up the valuation methods of the high - and new - tech enterprise , firstly describe the principles adhered to by building up it , and then begin to build up the methods . its main route is : assess the value ? driven factors of the high ? and new ? tech enterprise , valuate the physical assets with discounting cash flow ( dcf ) model and the growth opportunity with real option pricing model
    ( 2 )高新技术企业价值评估方法构建部分,首先论述方法构建应坚持的原则,然后构建方法,其路径为:评估高新技术企业价值驱动因素;用折现现金流量法评估现有资产的价值;用实物期权定价法评估竞争条件下的增长机会价值。
  4. This part expounds constructive suggestions and studies a way , which integrates several methods such as discounted cash flow ( dcf ) economic value added ( eva ) multiplier method of market surplus rate replacement cost approach , to evaluate the company and measure founder ' s contribution to enterprises

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