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  • 检测能力
  • 可探测率
  • 探测灵敏度
  • 探测敏感度
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  1. Specific spectral detectivity
  2. Specific pulse detectivity
  3. Because a conventional quantum well is needed to add in the novel structure , many experiments were made on conventional gaas / algaas qwips . the experiment results based on various test methods were well analyzed . the detectivity of conventional gaas / algaas qwips can be comparable to the current level gradually
    由于改进结构中需要加入一常规量子阱,因此针对常规结构做了部分实验,由多种测试方法得到大量实验数据,并对其进行了全面的分析,常规gaas algaas量子阱红外探测器的研制已经逐步趋向正常化。
  4. Noise , nedt , nep , and detectivity of microbolometer arrays are also considered . the work will provide the insight necessary to understand the optimum design and practical operating requirements of microblolmeter arrays . this paper provides a low cost and more practical software tool for predicting and evaluating parameters of the detector
  5. As the microbolometer which is voltage biased express some characters different from other infrared detectors under the effect of electric heat and infrared radiation together , the computing method of parameters , such as responsivity , noise , noise equivalent temperature different ( netd ) , noise equivalent power ( nep ) , optical gain , detectivity and so on is given in this paper . some of these parameters are particular compared with other detectors , and some have difference between microbolometer and other detectors

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