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  • 侦查犯罪行为
  • detect:    vt. 1.发觉,发现,看破。 2. ...
  • crime:    n. 犯罪;罪恶;〔俚语〕坏事;〔口 ...
  • crime, detect:    侦察犯罪行为


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  1. Preventing and detecting crime
  2. Hongkong post explained to the commissioner that pinhole cameras were installed for detecting crime as the result of a series of stamp theft cases occurring at the csw office
  3. Continues to perform its duties day and night patrolling throughout the territory and hong kong waters , preventing and detecting crime , safeguarding and protecting life and property , and maintaining law and order
  4. Regional police provide front - line policing 24 hours a day . they are responsible for the traditional constabulary functions of preserving life and property ; preventing and detecting crime ; keeping the peace ; and responding in times of emergency
  5. He pointed out that to combat the threat of terrorist activities against the international community , interpol had set up a task force to study and recommend strategies for member countries , and had used its expertise to provide training for member countries to enhance their abilities to handle crises and detect crimes

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