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  • 贬值降价
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  1. Consulting code and course of action of depreciation in developed country in the world , assimilating experience of advanced fremdness , combining the situation of our country , aiming at nowaday port fact , the author brought forward opinions and concerned methods to depreciation - - - - - - combined of linear depreciations depreciation depreciation & reproductive method o
    本文的另一研究重点是港口设备折旧问题,作者以世界工业发达国家的折旧法规及作法为参考,吸取国外先进国家的经验,结合我国国情,针对目前港口实际,提出了对折旧问题的见解及应采取的方法? ?直线折旧法、加速折旧法和复制法的结合运用。

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