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  • 运载技术
  • delivery:    n. 1.引渡,交付;【商业】交货; ...
  • technology:    n. 1.技术,工程,工艺。 2.制 ...
  • no delivery:    未到货; 未交付
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  1. Is one of the world s leading suppliers of power generation and energy delivery technology , with 2004 revenues of 17 . 3 billion
    是世界领先的发电和能源供应技术供应商, 2004年集团收入达173亿美元。
  2. Steven . ph . d : the lives of nutrition and technical experts who participated in the study and promotion of sustained release drug delivery technology
  3. Shanghai telecom s information source platform integrates currently most advanced stream media and content delivery technologies , taking into account the establishment of a good management and cooperation mode between broadband access , broadband information source platform ( stream service platform , mass storage and content delivery ) and broadband content providers . the architecture of the information source platform is shown in figure 4

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