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  • 传递速度
  • 给料送度
  • 给料速度
  • 供给量
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  • delivery:    n. 1.引渡,交付;【商业】交货; ...
  • rate:    vt.,vi. 〔方言〕=ret.
  • rate of delivery:    输送率; 送出速度
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  1. Standard test method for delivery rate of aerosol products
  2. Performance curves specially designed for high delivery rates at the low installed power rating
  3. And the delivery rate this year is 95 % . he said this with delight and a sense of pride
    而且今年接羔率达到了95 % ”言语间透出了喜悦和一份自豪。
  4. The site concrete pump is designed for a delivery rate of 87 m3 / h and maximum pumping pressure of 100 bar
  5. Meet our logistics annual targets ( on time delivery rate ) and sqi . ensure continuous improvement in personnel engagement

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