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  • delivery:    n. 1.引渡,交付;【商业】交货; ...
  • price:    n. 1.价格,价钱;市价;代价;费 ...
  • free delivery price:    免付运费价格
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  1. If the purchaser causes shipping to be delayed for more than a month after being notified of shipping readiness , mentor may levy a warehousing fee of 0 . 5 % of the delivery price for each month commenced , not however exceeding 5 %
    如果买方在被通告运输准备就绪的情况下引起海运的延误,门拓可以每月收取运费0 . 5 %的仓储费,但是总仓储费不得超过运费的5 % 。

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