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  • 排出压力
  • 排气压力
  • 输出压力
  • 输送压力
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  1. Essentially balanced single seat minimizes a variation in delivery pressure resulting from a varying inlet pressure
  2. The delivery pressure acting on the spring loaded diaphragm throttles the balanced valve to control the pressure
  3. Water flowing to the system creates a rising delivery pressure which feeds back through the control ports to the underside of diaphragm ( 8 )
    水流进系统后,使得输出压力上升,并通过控制部件反馈到隔膜( 8 )的下侧。
  4. With delivery pressure and flowrate are stabilization , easy to operate and maintain , small , light , and artistic , automatic control , safe and long life
    氢气发生器采用国际先进的“ spe ”制氢技术,不加碱,直接电解纯水。
  5. As the pressure on diaphragm ( 8 ) approaches a balance with the force exerted by adjusting spring ( 5 ) , disc ( 20 ) is throttled to a position where just enough water flows to maintain the set delivery pressure
    当隔膜( 8 )上的压力接近等于调节弹簧( 5 )的弹簧力时,阀瓣( 20 )就进行节流状态,使得刚好有足够的水流来保持设置的输出压力。

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