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  • 派递邮差
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  1. We urge the postmaster general to review the post office s system of controlling and monitoring the overtime work of delivery postmen to ensure that the guidelines laid down in the relevant civil service bureau circular are fully complied with
  2. In addition , we are seriously dismayed that the estimated annual overtime allowance claimed by delivery postmen of all the 1 690 delivery beats which could not be justified by workload , would amount to $ 21 . 3 million at 2001 - 02 prices
    此外,委员会深表遗憾的是,按2001至02年度的价格计算,所有1690个派递段的派递邮差所申领,而其工作量却无法证明有充分理据支持的逾时工作津贴,估计每年达2 , 130万元。
  3. Account managers routinely maintain close dialogue with corporate clients . our postal services representatives , telesales teams and postmasters maintain good relationships with customers at both the corporate and individual levels . our delivery postmen serve their areas daily and develop good relationships at a local level
  4. The training theme for 200405 for our postal officer and postman grade colleagues is " customer service goal , go , gold " the programme comprises competence development focused on enhancing the knowledge and skills of staff to deliver a branded customer service . it also includes customer service coaching for counter staff as well as presentation and selling skills for delivery postmen
    我们在二四五年度,为邮务员及邮差职系同事举办“顾客服务goal , go , gold ”课程,当中包括才能发展项目,如集中加强教导员工顾客服务应有的知识和技巧;还有为柜位员工而设的顾客服务指导,以及加强派递邮差的表达和推销技巧的单元。

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