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  • 递送平台
  • delivery:    n. 1.引渡,交付;【商业】交货; ...
  • platform:    n. 1.台,坛;讲坛,主席台。 2 ...
  • no delivery:    未到货; 未交付
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  1. As the core of the grid service architecture , ogsi needs to be hosted on a delivery platform that supports web services
  2. Crd is preparing to launch the next generation internet video delivery platform in 2006 . this new technology will impact how we watch videos online
  3. This site provides pharmaceutical intermediates industry information and supply and demand information delivery platform for free for domestic and foreign professionals
  4. Teletax provides a 24 - hour automated service for individual taxpayers to have secure access to selective personal tax information via the telephone or the electronic service delivery platform
    电话税务通为纳税人提供2 4小时的自动化服务,让他们经电话或公共服务电子化计划的平台,查询个人税务资料。
  5. " cyberport is a platform which focuses on creating value out of technologies . its ideal tenants are in the content creation and management business that would use cyberport as the delivery platform to grow their business - fast "

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