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  • 供油管
  • 输出管输送管
  • 输水管(渠)
  • 压送管
  • delivery:    n. 1.引渡,交付;【商业】交货; ...
  • pipe:    n. 1.管,导管,筒。 2.烟斗, ...
  • air delivery pipe:    空气输送管; 输气管
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  1. Air delivery pipe
  2. In the light of technology , the writer analyses the economic benefits and accounting of large caliber and long distance water delivery pipe
  3. This article links to the plant no . 6 project , studying the measure of pressure reduction and energy removal of large caliber and long distance water delivery pipe in big difference of elevation and topographical form area . the writer gives new measure of pressure reduction and energy removal , according to the theory of pressure reduction and energy removal , planning a composite energy removal construction , and put to use effectively in many water supply projects . it is the first example that people use concrete construction to remove high pressure in large caliber and long distance water pipe in china
  4. Once the water reaches its maximum speed , the valve slams shut and pressure is built up in the pump . this pressure forces open a second valve linked to the delivery pipe . when nullah water falls past the hydraulic ram , its momentum will lift a tenth of the water to a storage tank located near the esther li building photo 2
    泵内有活门,当溪水在流动中受阻,会产生比正常压力高十倍以上的瞬时水锤压力,此时,泵内的另一活门会打开,把十分之一的溪水抽往设于李慧珍附近的储水缸备用(图二) 。
  5. Meanwhile , it puts forward the exact demand to the indicators of coal for gasification . it systematically studies the thickness of economical heat preservation and calculation process of resistance loss of delivery pipe for analyzing and appraising the techno - economic of hot coal gas ' s delivery pipes . it sets the mathematic model for the calculation of economical heat preservation thickness and resistance losses of conveying pipes , compiles the computer program , dutti and dutt2 and draws the block diagram of relevant computer program
    为便于热煤气输送管道的技术经济分析与评价,对输送管道经济保温厚度和输送管道阻力损失的计算过程,进行了系统的研究,建立了输送管道经济保温厚度和阻力损失计算的数学模型,绘制出相应的计算机程序框图,编制了计算机程序dutt _ 1和dutt _ 2 ;并对热煤气的混合燃烧过程进行了研究。

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