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[ di'lei ] Pronunciation:   "delay" in a sentence   "delay" meaning
  • vt.
    延迟,拖延,耽搁。 We'll delay the party for two week. 我们要把会期延迟两周。 The train was delayed by heavy snow. 火车因大雪误点了。vi.
    耽搁,耽误,迟误。 It's getting late; don't delay. 时间已晚,别再耽误了。n.
    延迟,拖延,耽搁,耽误。 No more delays, comrades. 同志们,再迟不行了。 admit of on delay+More...
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  1. The situation does not permit of any delay .
  2. Some shareholders delayed in the process .
  3. But that only delayed the day of reckoning .
  4. Kindly remit us the balance without delay .
  5. I showed him the equipment without delay .

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