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  1. Only last thursday , as evidence of this rapid offensive buildup was already in my hand , soviet foreign minister gromyko told me in my office that he was instructed to make it clear once again , as he said his government had already done , that soviet assistance to cuba , and i quote , " pursued solely the purpose of contributing to the defense capabilities of cuba , " that , and i quote him , " training by soviet specialists of cuban nationals in handling defensive armaments was by no means offensive , and if it were otherwise , " mr
    就在上个星期四我已经掌握了进攻性工事在快速兴建的证据时,苏联外相葛罗米柯在我的办公室告诉我他获指示再向我澄清一遍,他说他的政府即苏联已经对古巴实行的援助,我这里引用“仅仅是为了增加古巴的防御能力” ,我再引用“苏联专家训练古巴人是掌握防御性武器,如果该培训是其他什么的也决不具进攻性质” ,他接着说“苏联政府绝对不会提供这样的援助” 。

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