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  1. Strengthening the research of procedural defense , establishing its function system accordingly and regulating the procedural defense activities that often come up in judicial practice is the only way before us to constitute our criminal procedure that is ruled of law
  2. According to their pathogenic activity , three strain of marine bacteria were selected as l2 ( alteromonas sp ) , g ( pseudomonas sp ) , py ( pseudomonas sp ) . the biochemical changes of malondialdehyde ( mda ) , which is the lipid peroxidation end product and can be measured by thiobarbituric acid ( tba ) regeant , and polyphenol content , which reflected the host non - specific chemical defense activity and can be measured by folin - ciocalteu method , were determined at different time intervals during host pathogenesis
    本研究采用海带作为模式藻类生物,以褐藻酸降解菌l2 , g及非褐藻酸降解菌py为复染菌建立人工复染体系,用硫代巴比妥酸( tba )试剂测定抗感染过程中海带组织细胞膜脂肪氧化产物丙二醛( mda )的变化情况及folin - ciocalteu酚试剂测定病原菌感染过程中海带组织中多酚含量随时间变化情况。
  3. In accordance with the requirements of national defense in the new situation , china persists in unified leadership over national defense activities , pursues the principle of independence and self - defense by the whole people , implements the military strategy of active defense , strengthens the building of its armed forces and that of its frontier defense , sea defense and air defense , takes effective defensive and administrative measures to defend national security and safeguard its maritime rights and interests

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