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  • 德凤


  1. The centennial of mister hou defeng
  2. A pioneer : recollections of the past , the years i got along with professor hou defeng
  3. Abstract : on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the well known geologist , hou defeng , some discussions on his important contributions to the development of mineral industry and earth sciences in china are given
  4. Mr . e defeng , dr . lars brink and dr . kevin chen reviewed the progress and discussed issues and challenges with the research teams . technical guidance was also provided to the research teams on future research work
    鄂处长陈志钢博士lars brink博士与研究小组就研究取得的成果和存在问题进行了深入地讨论,专家们对下一步研究提出了宝贵的建议。
  5. Five experts from both canada and china were invited to give lectures at this training session : mr . michael gifford , formerly canadas chief agricultural trade negotiator and currently senior advisor with the center of trade policy and law ctpl , carlton university , canada ; dr lars brink , senior advisor of global policy analysis , aafc ; mr . e . defeng , director of agriculture division , department of wto affairs , mofcom ; dr cheng guoqiang , deputy director of the research institute of market economy , drc ; prof . li xiaoyun , dean of the college of humanities and development , china agricultural university ; and , prof . he xiurong , from the college of economics management , china agricultural university
    此次培训邀请了来自加拿大和中国的5名专家共同授课。其中包括原加拿大农业谈判首席代表,现任加拿大卡尔顿大学贸易政策和法律中心ctpl高级顾问的michael gifford专家加拿大农业及农业食品部aafc全球政策分析高级顾问lars brink博士商务部世贸司农业处鄂德峰处长国务院发展研究中心市场所程国强副所长中国农业大学人文与发展学院李小云院长,以及中国农业大学经济管理学院何秀荣教授。

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