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  • 额外损失
  • 净损失
  • 无谓损失;某个产品越
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  1. This deadweight loss is a form of economic inefficiency that must be taken into account when policies are designed and implemented
  2. In some cases this deadweight loss will be small , but in other cases ? ? price supports and import quotas are examples ? ? it is large
    在一些情况下,这种净损失会很小,但在其它情况下? ?支持价格和进口定额就是例子? ?它的损失是巨大的。
  3. Government intervention generally leads to a deadweight loss , even if consumer welfare and producer welfare are weighted equally , there will be a net loss from government policies that shifts welfare from one group to the other
  4. To try to capture all that which contributes to deadweight loss under the verbal rubric of “ transaction costs ” weakens a useful concept without gaining understanding of incompleteness of markets , asymmetries of information , and insusceptibilities of various technologies to decentralized pricing algorithms

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