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  • 日期
  • date:    n. 1.海枣属。 2.海枣。 短语 ...
  • as of date:    截止日期; 截至日期
  • as-of date:    截止日期


  1. Good good study , date date up
  2. The oldest jade ware found up - tp - date dated back to 8000 years ago , it is a jade dagger excavated on the relic of county hu in shanxi province , the largest piece is 《 picture of king yu combating the flood 》 , took 10 years for the artists of yangzhou in qing dynasty to complete , the first catalog on jade ware is 《 picture of ancient jade ware 》 in yuan dynasty , written in 1341 , the first book specializing in jade ware is 《 study and confirmation of the pictures of ancient jade ware 》 by a qing scholar wuyiwei in 1889
    我国迄今发现年代最早的一件玉制品是距今8000年前,山西湖县旧石器时代晚期遗址所出土的小石刀;最大的一件玉制品是由清代扬州玉工前后共用了10年时间制作完成的《大禹治水图》玉山;第一部专门的玉器目录是元代的《古玉图》 ,成书于1341年;第一部古玉学术研究专著是清光绪15年( 1889年)吴一薇编选的《古玉图考》 。

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