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Pronunciation:   "data profile" in a sentence
  • 资料大略
  • data:    n. 1.资料,材料〔此词系 dat ...
  • profile:    n. 1.剖面,半面,(雕像等的)侧 ...
  • profile data:    剖面数据; 剖面资料
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  1. Since information is the means to store the intelligence and complexity of an organization , structural and semantic modeling , data profiling , and data and content quality disciples are utilized to make information more manageable
    :因为信息是存储组织的智能和复杂度的方式,所以要使用(结构化和语义的)建模、 (数据)概要分析和(数据和内容)质量disciples以使信息更加便于管理。

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