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  • n.
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  1. The darter had sounded the alarm and drawn first blood, but its day was done .
  2. The snail darter is a small fish, three inches long, swift and pretty in the water but totally uninteresting out of it .
  3. The a - darter will still notionally equip saaf gripens , but a long - awaited series of initial flight tests have yet to occur and the future of the programme is in doubt
    A -标枪手理论上将装备南非空军的鹰狮战斗机,但是被期待已久的首飞测试仍然是遥遥无期,整个项目的未来仍充满变数。
  4. Sources within pakistan have alluded to an aam that incorporates elements of the advanced bvr darter designs that were once part of south africa ' s previously well - funded development plans

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