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  • damage:    n. 1.损害,损伤;〔口语〕伤害, ...
  • accumulation:    n. 1.积累,堆积;累积物。 2. ...
  • the damage to:    对……的毁坏
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  1. Numerical calculation of damage accumulation and bearing strength experimental verification for composite single bolted joint
  2. Seafood mercury weaken sperm activity , long - term health damage accumulation in the body , the man eat seafood easy to infertility
  3. Structures are always subjected to various adverse factors during its long - time service , such as fatigue , environmental corrosion , material aging , etc . these factors will bring to structural damage accumulation
  4. The full - coupled method developed with damage mechanics and the finite element analysis is performed on calculation of fatigue damage accumulation of the critical welded components in the tsing ma bridge
  5. At the macroscopic scale , it can be considered that we are in presence of a damage accumulation via matrix microcracking coupled with interfacial sliding phenomenon which may be settled according to a slow crack growth mechanism

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