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  • 三维地震数据
  • d:     CD = 400. DC ...
  • seismic:    adj. 地震(性)的;由地震引起的 ...
  • data:    n. 1.资料,材料〔此词系 dat ...
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  1. D seismic data
  2. Aiming at studying algorithm of 3 - d seismic data and 3 - d grid data of topography , a interactive visualization system of 3 - d seismic and topography data was discussed
  3. Seismic coherence technique is a remarkably simple yet powerful seismic attribute analysis technique , which is developed recently and can reduce the cycle time of 3 - d seismic data interpretation
  4. Application the scientific visualization technology of 3 - d seismic data , researchers can interpret original seismic data exactly , so can get the important information of position and reserves of mineral resources
  5. The system main realized interactive rendering of 3 - d seismic data , interactive rendering of three crossed slices , interactive rendering of rand - cutting face and interactive rendering of 3 - d topography grid data

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