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  • 【气象学】 D 区〔离地球表面约60到90公里高度处的电离层最低部分〕。
  • d:     CD = 400. DC ...
  • region:    n. 1.地方,地域,地带;地区;行 ...
  • d-region:    d电离层; d区
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  1. The space - time distribution of chinese semi - ari d region surface water is n ' t even , the differences in a year are obvious ; the differences of underground water between years are not so obvious as surface water , but it still has a decreasing tendency , especially in shanxi and sha ' anxi provinces . there is a significant linear correlation between the precipitation and water resources in semi - arid region , the dynamic regularity of water resources is basically same as the dynamic regularity of precipitation

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